The Secret to Getting Cool Freebies

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Who would not like free stuff? It is a known fact that getting something for nothing activates a different human response than created through a simple purchase — it simply feels better.

Not many people are aware of how gorgeous it feels, but those that are are known as “freebie hunters” – enjoy freebies so much that they actively search for them. So what is the secret to getting an everyday supply of cool freebies?

The Secret to Getting Cool Freebies

Contact companies

This way is not assured to work, but when it does the freebies are usually nicely worth it. Contacting your favorite makeup or meals company, saying how much you love them and how you would be joyful to sample their new products earlier than buying, just might get you a free pattern of the product or a discount coupon.

Go to the mall

A known way to promote income is to offer free samples. Once you start looking out for it, you will instantly become conscious of the samples and coupons that are offered in malls and buying centers.

You can take a ride on the latest massage chair, consume the ice-cream flavor of the month and try cheese or hand cream samples. This is a fun way to get freebies if you have the time to spend searching for them.

Online freebies

Since most people don’t favor driving to the local mall and spend a couple of hours on their freebie search, organizations went online to meet the freebie hunters. You can search for freebies by the company or save yourself the bother and sign up to a freebie site, that collects offers and cool freebies that you can order. These websites are the quickest and probably best way to get freebies, however since there are a lot of those, you will spend a couple of minutes finding every site and registering your address to get your freebies via mail.

Cool Freebies Forums

Most freebie lovers get hooked and also signal up to freebie forums, where they exchange data on the freebies they got. This is another great way to locate freebies, but usually, you will solely be able to contribute after you have signed up to some freebie websites yourself.

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