Italian Destination Wedding Photography

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Italian Destination Wedding  Photography

Destination tips for your wedding in Italy from Italian photographer Stefano Cassaro

Italy: it’s a destination that thousands of couples annually choose as their perfect wedding destination, and for good reasons! The country’s stunning aesthetics and appeal make it unrivaled for lovers and wedding guests alike, and this is something that I want to achieve – as a professional Italian wedding photographer – on capturing in every photo I take. I carefully tailor the methods I use to every couple, ensuring that the wonder and splendor of your wedding day are perfectly captured in ink and canvas. What are the most popular Italian locations for couples from all over the world?


Venice is the floating city that’s renowned around the world for its beauty and romance. Truly, Venice is a city unlike any other, and it’s clear to see why so many couples choose it as the perfect destination for their Italian wedding. Authentic Venetian buildings and architecture provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding photography; meanwhile, the lavish selection of luxury hotels offers the perfect place to share your first nights as a couple.

Lake Como

When it comes to wedding photography, few destinations can offer quite the same appeal as the stunning Lake Como. It is a region that has attracted those looking for the finest scenery for millennia. Indeed, this is truly a location of splendour and luxury, one that has – for hundreds of years – attracted the interest and fascination of even artistocrats. The region is home to a plethora of artistic and cultural gems alike. Its incredible villages and microclimate have renowned Lake Como as the most beautiful lake anywhere in the world. Where better, then, to share your perfect Italian wedding?

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a truly unforgettable Italian wedding destination that captures the hearts of everyone who sets foot here. The coastline is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its incomparable beauty and appeal, offering stunning views over the rich, crystal-blue waters of the coastline. Amalfi Coast is undeniably the ideal destination to celebrate the joy of your wedding day: capture the moment and make it perfect with stunning Amalfi Coast photography!


Vibrant and energising, for those couples looking for the ideal coastal destination to celebrate their wedding, Positano could offer the perfect balance. As far back as the Roman Empire, this simply stunning region has been used as a resort destination; enjoy the unforgettable scenery and magical architecture of this beautiful coastal town for your wedding.


Just above the Amalfi Coast, Ravello offers a slightly different take on this beautiful Italian coastline destination; rich in history and renowned for its breathtaking views and beauty, few regions offer quite the same aesthetic for your perfect wedding photography as this.


Beloved for its stunning architecture and buildings, the city of Florence is one that captures the hearts and minds of every visitor: this makes it truly a perfect destination for your own stunning wedding celebrations. Join me in Florence, and let me capture the love and passion in one of Italy’s most romantic cities.


It’s the city of passion and love that we all know: Rome truly delivers above and beyond for every couple. Recently, also Princess Dyana’s niece has chosen Rome as the location for her fairytale wedding! The city’s unique architecture, phenomenal sights and rich history make it a truly incomparable destination for your Italian wedding photography.

Let Me Help With Your Italian Wedding Photography

If you’ve been looking for someone to help with your Italian wedding photography, I would be honoured to help. As a professional Italian wedding photographer, my aim

is to offer my clients the most thorough and meticulous wedding photography. For every photograph, I carefully analyze every aspect of your surroundings to create an image that perfectly immortalises every emotion and aesthetic of your big day.

For me, nothing is as important as making sure that my clients enjoy the finest wedding photography, and I approach every couple with a unique perspective. I see the wonder in even the smallest of details in life. I see how light dances on the scenery through to the emotion in your eyes and the little details that help capture this. I like to capture the magic in every moment, allowing you to perfectly capture the beauty of your big day.

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