Is Shapewear Comfortable When You Use It?

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Is Shapewear Comfortable When You Use It?

Is Shapewear comfortable when you use it? What kind of question is that !! For most of us, shapewear & comfortable are two words that are not in line. Shapewear is a word that implies discomfort for all of us women. For most of us fashion shoppers, it means that we are trying to ‘smooth out the bulge’ or ‘put in’ favorite clothes …

So how do you buy shapewear that is comfortable enough to wear every day?

Now there are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the fabric of the control outfit you want to buy?
  • What part of your figure are you trying to correct or improve?
  • What will you wear above your new bodybuilder?

Let’s start with fabric content. Fabric content is perhaps the most important aspect of any outfit. In the case of shapewear that is comfortable enough for everyday wear, clothing must shape your body, but still allow you to breathe. The secret best shapewear bodysuit is the intricate balance between Lycra in combination with other knitted and stretched fabrics such as nylon or even cotton. Lycra will give you a leveling effect while stretch fabrics allow you to breathe. Look for Lycra content that is quite high – 10% or more if you look for the bottom, anything lacking just won’t work. If you are looking for a boss like a control camisole, for example, only 5% Lycra can do wonders.

The part of the body that you are trying to correct or enhance is also the key to finding a form of shapewear that is comfortable enough for everyday wear.

What you want to improve or camouflage is very related to what we have just learned about fabric. Ideally, if you are looking for a control camisole, you will most likely feel most comfortable with a cotton / Lycra blend of 90-95% cotton & 5-10% Lycra. Camisole shoulder pads in cotton / Lycra are very comfortable and can correct some picture flaws – it can even make you look a little taller!

The plus size waist trainer is a comfortable shapewear solution that is perfect for pear-shaped body types. Most of us have to wear bras every day – you might also be able to solve the number problem at the same time. Did you know that wearing shoulder pads can make you look 1 inch taller and 10 pounds thinner? Yes, they can – eyes read from left to right, the way we read books. ‘Illusion’ of broader shoulders that balances the ‘trick’ of the eye to see taller and thinner silhouettes. Amazing!

For the lower part of the control, Nylon / Lycra is usually the preferred fabric for the lower part of the body. Nylon gives the bottom half the ‘spirit’ & ‘lift’ needed. Once again remember to look for 10% Lycra for your butt to give you support and comfort.

With what you will be wearing a new body shaper is the key to your purchase at Shapellx shapewear. If you wear a camisole forming under the dress, remember the neckline of the dress. Sounds very simple, but getting comfort that controls and works for your clothes can be challenging. If you are looking for a lower-body shape to wear under a skirt, you might be interested in buying a half-slip control. If you are a very active person or have restless habits with your clothes, a better choice is short control. Panty style and leg length pants available. Both styles can work very well for you depending on what you wear. For longer leg pants, a leg length of at least halfway through the thigh is a good choice, perhaps with stretch lace trims for comfort (and of course beauty) will work well. Wearing shapes can be beautiful so don’t settle for battle-ax corsets!

Finding shapewear that is comfortable enough to wear every day can be a fashion challenge. Remember to look for the right fabric for the right body part, know what part of the figure you want to improve or camouflage and pay attention to what clothes you will use to shape your new body. If you remember these three things, you no longer need to ask yourself: Is Shapewear Comfortable When You Use It?

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