How to Clean Your Gold Watch and Keep It Shinning

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How to Clean Your Gold Watch and Keep It Shinning

Gold is valuable and a sign of class and prestige. Owning a gold watch is a dream come true for many and will make you stand out wherever you go. However, your gold timepiece requires proper care and may get dirty over time. Knowing how to clean your gold watch is vital and helps restore its luster and enhance its appearance. 

Why would my gold watch lose its luster?

Gold watches are long-lasting and famous for their durability and resilience. However, your watch may lose its shine over time, which may happen for various reasons. These may include;

  • Tear and wear 

Your watch is exposed to dust, dirt, and other elements that can make it look dull. Moreover, gold is a soft metal prone to scratches and dents. These may happen due to daily wear and tear, and the abrasions can dull its surface. 

  • Water exposure

Exposure to water can tarnish your luxury watch. But this shouldn’t bother you! Simple cleaning using proper supplies will make your gold watch shine again, restoring its original state. Sweat is also to blame; the acidity of sweat can corrode the gold over time, leading to dullness.

  • Dirt and grime

Dust, dirt, oils, and sweat may build up on the watch’s surface, forming a thin film that can mask its shine. Dirt particles may also contain abrasive components that can scratch your watch’s surface. These scratches can affect the delicate components and the watch’s crystal. Also, some types of dirt, if they contain corrosive elements, can make the gold tarnish over time.

  • Chemicals

Exposure to chemicals, hair sprays, perfumes, and lotions can react with the gold’s surface, leading to discoloration. You should be cautious when using beauty products, for some contain harsh chemicals. Also, refrain from using harsh chemicals, especially those containing ammonia, bleach, or other strong cleaning agents. 

  • Hard water or chlorine

Exposure to chlorine can affect the luster. For instance, if you don’t remove your gold watch while swimming, the minerals and chlorine can react with the gold, thus corroding it and affecting its appearance.

  • Cleaning techniques

Using improper cleaning methods or abrasive materials can damage the gold surface, losing its luster. Do not use hot water when cleaning your gold watch. It can make the metal expand and contract, which can lead to the loosening of gemstones or other essential components.

How to keep your gold watch shining     

 You want your gold watch to look its best, and there are various ways to do this. Here is how;

  1. Keep it clean!

Clean your watch regularly to eliminate oils and dirt that can tarnish it. Use mild soaps and avoid using abrasive materials when cleaning. Avoid soaking your watch in water or getting wet, and use a soft cloth instead of a brush.

Some cleaning solutions are too harsh and will tarnish your watch. Avoid excessive buffing, for this can wear down the gold surface. Clean the strap too! It’s as important as other parts of your watch. Wipe down with a soft cloth, microfiber cloth, or lint-free cloth, and detach the strap for thorough cleaning if it’s detachable. 

  1. Avoid chemicals and abrasives

Don’t expose your gold watch to harsh chemicals. Abrasives present in household cleaning agents, perfumes, hairsprays, and lotions can damage the surface of your watch, making it lose its shine. Instead, add a clear coating or lacquer; you will find it in most hardware stores. Apply it evenly to protect your watch from oil, dirt, and water.

  1. Remove before activities

Take off your watch before engaging in activities that can expose it to potential damage or tarnishing. These can be swimming in chlorinated water, using a hot tub, or engaging in rigorous sports.

Removing your watch will protect it from scratches, which may occur if it comes into contact with sharp objects or hard surfaces. It also protects your timepiece from harsh chemicals, water, and other substances that may ruin its luster or, worse still, damage your watch. 

  1. Store your watch appropriately

Store your gold watch in a soft pouch or a watch box. Choose one with a soft interior lining; this can be made of suede or velvet to protect from scratches. Also, keep it away from direct sunlight gold can get discolored or fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Store your watch in a dry place, away from the window. Avoid moisture or fluctuating temperatures, for this can lead to corrosion.

  1. Professional maintenance

Have your gold watch occasionally inspected by a professional jeweler. They have the expertise and proper tools to clean and restore the shine of your watch safely.

Professional gold watch maintenance may involve;

  • Inspection: The watchmaker will examine the exterior and interior components. They will examine for any visible damage, scratches, or signs of wear. Moreover, they assess the watch’s movement and complications to identify any issues.
  • Disassembly: The professional will disassemble the watch to clean individual components effectively. 
  • Cleaning: The expert will thoroughly clean all parts to alleviate accumulated dirt, dust, or debris. They will use special equipment to ensure a gentle cleaning process.

Steps to cleaning your gold watch

Watches come in various materials, and gold is sought after by many. However, maintaining your gold watch clean can be an uphill task, and you should use the right supplies and procedures to avoid damaging your watch. Whether your watch is pure gold or gold plated, here is how to clean it;

Gather all you need to clean your watch. Your supplies should include a soft, lint-free cloth, mild soap, water, and a toothbrush. Dust the face and band using a soft cloth, and be as gentle as possible.

Dampen the cloth with soapy water and wipe down your watch, be careful not to make it wet. Use a toothbrush to clean the crevices and eliminate dirt buildup, then dry your watch with a clean, soft cloth.


A gold watch is expensive, and you don’t want to ruin its look due to dirt and dust. But, you may be scared of damaging it while cleaning and should know to do this right. Consider the mentioned ideas to clean your watch and maintain its beautiful luster. Also, seek more ideas from reputed brands, and ensure your timepiece stays in excellent condition.

About the Author: Amy I. Torres