Helpful Tips to Achieve That Perfect Complexion

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Helpful Tips to Achieve That Perfect Complexion

There is a wide selection of botanical skin care products on the market today. If you have ever searched for these products at your local department or health food store, you will have noticed that the ingredients found in these formulas are added to skin cleansers, moisturizers, and toners. Starting an effective skin care regimen will first involve the daily use of a gentle cleanser on your face and neck. There are different types of cleansers, but unless you have oily skin, it is best to use one that does not strip the skin of its natural oils. In addition, most cosmeticians tell us not to wash our face with a heavy detergent soap since it will tend to dry, irritate, and alter the ph balance of our skin.

Most cleansers on the market today contain harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate and should not be used since they can dry and irritate the skin. You can easily recognize cleansers that contain this preservative since they will foam up after being applied to the skin. I have noticed that when I have used chemical cleansers, my eyes have become irritated. In addition, these formulas may also cause the skin to develop blackheads. Most natural and chemical free cleansers will not foam up when applied to the skin or cause any irritation. In addition these products will effectively rid the skin of any dirt, and not strip it of its natural oils.

After using a cleanser on your face and neck, it is now necessary to exfoliate your skin. Some botanical skin care formulas contain almonds since this beneficial ingredient is a good exfoliant and will help remove dead skin cells. The alpha hydroxy acids are also a good choice and glycolic acid is one that is mainly used since it can achieve a chemical peel. This fruit acid works by eliminating the outer layer of skin cells and will help render a fresh new healthy layer of skin.

For those of you who have problematic skin such as acne, eczema, rosacea or rashes, it is best not to use an exfoliant until your condition clears up. In your particular case, you can use creams made with the herb calendula and chamomile since they help heal irritated skin. Certain herbs such as red clover, burdock root, milk thistle and licorice can be taken internally in the form of a capsule or tea since they are effective at cleansing the blood and detoxifying the liver. One cause of skin eruptions are toxins found in the bloodstream caused by processed foods, sugar, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress and pollution. It is necessary to eliminate those contributing factors and adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to improve the quality of our skin. If you decide to use the natural herbs listed above as part of your dietary regimen, it is necessary to first consult with your physician to determine the most appropriate protocol for your particular case.

The third important step in an effective skin care regimen is the use of a natural moisturizer. There are hundreds of different moisturizers on the market today and finding the most appropriate one will depend upon your age and skin type. Before you go out and purchase an expensive chemical based moisturizing cream, consider applying a face oil to your skin. These oils are highly absorbed into the skin and some beneficial ones are derived from walnuts, macadamia nuts, avocados, and apricot kernels. You can find these oils singly at your local health food store or they can be found added to moisturizing creams or lotions. If you decide to purchase these oils separately, only choose those that have been extracted without the use of the chemical solvent hexane. This solvent has been claimed to cause rashes and skin breakouts. You can also purchase a moisturizing cream or lotion made from these oils and apply it after a shower or bath while your skin is still moist.

Protecting your skin from the suns damaging rays is also a very important part of an effective skin care regimen. Most sunscreens on the market today contain chemicals such as octyl methoxycinnamate, and octyl salicylate. Natural sunblocks on the other hand, contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and or green tea and help block out both UVA and UVB radiation. These chemical free formulas should be mostly used daily by those people who are sunbathing, swimming or who are outdoors for a good part of the day during peak hours. Some important benefits of using these natural skin protective products is that they help prevent the sun from drying out the skin, inhibit inflammation, and deter the development of wrinkles.

By using the botanical skin care ingredients listed above along with a healthy high fiber diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep and an effective stress management program will help our skin to look its best. Refraining from smoking and not drinking alcoholic beverages is also important for healthy skin since both of those habits will cause the skin to wrinkle. Daily adherence to the principles listed above will not only help rejuvenate our skin but also improve our overall health!

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